Jon Earnshaw

If you're looking for Jon Earnshaw online then you've found him!

Clearly I need to do some work on this page. If only I had more time! The banner image above is a picture I took in August 2014 from the Shard in London.

This year I gave a couple of presentations at Brighton SEO in April and September. Below you will find some links to the decks as well as the videos of each session.

Content Cannibalisation

Presented at BrightonSEO in September 2014, this is a brief insight into the four main types of content cannibalisation:

  • Internal Conflict
  • Subdomain Conflict
  • International Conflict
  • Subdomain Flux

See Video below

Ecosystems and Semantic Search

Presented at BrightonSEO in April 2014, this deck looks at the emergence of Search Ecosystems and the importance of optimising your online ecosystem and your presence in the SERPS. This is set within the framework of semantic search.

As we get better at making connections between things, so Google gets better at understanding the relationship between those things.

Optimising and Monitoring Online Ecosystems in the Age of Semantic Search

Content Cannibalisation. A week in search is a very long time